Day 5 – Knitting makes me crazypants

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Somewhere in this house there are two balls of Knit Picks Elegance in the Aegean colourway. I think there may actually be four balls but I am absolutely positive of two. I know this because I found an open bag containing six balls of Knit Picks Elegance in the Aegean colourway. Bags of yarn are typically sold in packages of ten but I can’t be sure when or where I bought this yarn and if I ordered a full bag. So I know there are two.

I need these two balls of yarn so that I can knit a sweater. You see, I started knitting a sweater in Knit Picks Telemark in the Bayberry colourway ignoring the fact that one is sport weight and the other is double knitting weight. I did my gauge swatch and even though I was off by one stitch I figured I could fix it in blocking. What I didn’t anticipate was the total unsuitability that the Telemark would turn out to be for the pattern stitch on the sweater. It was a simple lace pattern but the yarn specified was a wool/silk blend and Telemark is decidedly not. Telemark in 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, a perfectly good yarn for a nice warm sweater but not as drapey or soft as a wool/silk blend and so the sweater is a little on the stolid side, not a drape in sight.

Now I have a perfectly respectful yarn stash and I knew somewhere I had to have some double knitting weight yarn so I rolled up my sleeves and dived in. Box #1 had lots of yummy soft yarns in sport weight and worsted weight but no DK. Box #2 has lots of beautiful cottons in fingering, sport and worsted weight but no DK. And so on to box #3 full of Paton’s Kroy sock yarn, my personal favourite for its durability, but no DK and on and on and on. And then, eureka!, this beautiful Knit Picks angora/silk blend stared back at me from between some balls of baby alpaca lace weight. It was like a light shone on them and a choir of angels sang. But there were only six balls and I needed eight. And that was when the quest began.

It is now 6:30PM and I have looked through every closet, every bag, every box that contained or might have contained wool or just looked suspicious but with no luck. I even considered putting a harness on my cat, Eric, and using him like a sniffer dog since he cannot resist a ball of yarn. He has been known to open closed boxes just to feed his addiction. But letting him sniff the ball and telling him to find it yielded frustration on both our parts, his because he didn’t know why he could smell it but not play with it and me because he just got spit all over a ball of my precious.

And now here is my dilemma. Do I cast on for this sweater knowing that I do not have enough to complete it and trust the yarn gods that I will have a revelation in my sleep that will tell me where the two #^&^$%^& balls of yarn are or do I use a different yarn (I do have some Jo Sharp Silk Road DK but it’s a tweed and the pattern uses plain yarn) and hope for the best? Or do I schlep down to my local yarn store and see if I can find a reasonably priced DK? I don’t have a good yarn store close to me, only a Michael’s and I’m boycotting them for personal reasons, so to schlep down to a yarn store requires a committment to buy more than just one sweater’s worth of yarn. And I’m broke so…I also have some Paton’s silk/bamboo but I think that is just too wholly inappropriate since it has lots of drape but not much else going for it and the lacy pattern would just get pulled out of shape I’m afraid. I think I may just start the sweater with the Elegance and hope that I find the other two balls by some miracle when I’m cleaning up. And I mean that sincerely since the words “I’m” and “cleaning up” are rarely used in the same sentence around here.

I know, I know, I could just knit a different pattern, I mean, it’s not like I don’t have half a kazillion books and magazines but after spending the better part of three days knitting on it and getting half the back done I just hate the thought of abandoning it. Which is crazypants since in my futile search I discovered: two half knit pairs of socks; one half knit scarf; one half knit pet bed; one something that I cast on and only knit a few rows of – it looks like hand warmers but not sure; and a bag full of yarn for a project that I have since lost the pattern for. I think abandoning things seems to be well entrenched in my personality. And that doesn’t take into account at least three projects for other people that I have been putting off. Gah! I think I’ll go cast on a pair of socks.


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