Day 15 – Knitting makes me crazypants – Four days to go

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See that link above? That is the link to the Ravelry page that shows what top I am knitting for my Christmas party. Isn’t it pretty? It’s so pretty in fact that I’m altering just about everything about it. And with four days to go I think that’s just about the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

I’m not a fan of the rounded neckline in front so I decided I would do a boat neck. Then I thought, well if I’m going for a boat neck what if I add a little modified cowl to the neckline? So I’m at the point where I will have to start increasing for a small cowl and I can’t decide if it’s going to be too much or not. After all I’m adding 3/4″ lace sleeves to it. And did I mention I have four days to finish it. That means in real terms three days. Three days to finish the knitting and block it. One day to sew it together and wear it. Totally doable. Lace isn’t difficult and not time-consuming. Not at all.

So I’m sure I can finish the front tonight, if I can decide whether or not to add a slight drape to the neckline. And then I can block it and get started on the back tomorrow. The lace shouldn’t take that long, after all I am a perfect knitter and never make mistakes. *cough* I will take advantage of the liberal use of lifelines, for sure. I really don’t want to have to pull out eight or nine rows if I don’t have to. Been there, done that already on the back. Did I mention about dropped stitches? Usually not a problem, a crochet hook and Bob’s your Uncle (unless your uncle is named James, then I guess it’s James’ your uncle). But this time, against all logic, I managed to drop an end stitch and because the sides curled I didn’t notice it until I was at the armhole shaping. Not really knowing how to pick up an end stitch and not really wanting to take the time to look it up, I just ripped it all back. But now that I think of it it really would have been quicker to look it up. Ah well, 20/20 hindsight. And I probably won’t think of it next time I drop an end stitch either. It always takes me two or three times before I learn my lesson. At least I’m consistent.

I was thinking I might take a look through my pattern stitch library and see if I could come up with an equally lovely lace pattern but one that is perhaps a little simpler. Something that wouldn’t require me to look at a chart every time I change rows. But then part of the reason I like this sweater is for the lace pattern. It’s open enough to be called lace but dense enough to cover a bra band. And since my braless days are far, far, far behind me this is an important design detail. I really don’t think anyone at my table would have much of an appetite after seeing me swinging in the breeze. So in an effort to avoid any awkward moments and in an effort in attempting to exhibit good taste, I will be wearing a bra.

I am using this yarn in “Sapphire” and so far am really happy with the results. It has a nice sheen and very nice drape and is soft and knits up quickly. All things I really like especially the knitting up quickly. I think that the silk (30%) will be warm enough without making me sweat and the bamboo will keep me comfortable without being clingy. Important when you want the fabric to skim over some of the bumps. And it also has nice stitch definition so even though there is a lot of drape the lace won’t get pulled out of shape and hang limply. So far so good. I like the colour as well, it’s a good colour for someone with red hair and blue eyes.

I want to pair this with a nice black pencil skirt, black tights and I have several pairs of really nice shoes that I could wear with it. The one pair I adore but I don’t think they would work are a pair of Max Azria silver platform shoes that have brown leather trim. Not sure the brown leather will go. The other pair is by Irregular Choice, my absolute favourite shoe manufacturer because their shoes are always funky, flirty and, well, odd-ball which pretty much describes me. These shoes are black, peep-toe with a little bow on the toe but they also have cream and brown detail on the platform. I think it might not be as obvious as on the Max Azrias but something to consider when trying them on with the whole outfit. The last pair I would consider are a pair of Guess satin shoes: they have a peep-toe, are sling-backs and have a rose on the toes of the shoes. Hmmm, wait a minute I also have another pair of Irregular Choice shoes that are black suede with a dark grey flower across the toe that I should seriously look at wearing. They aren’t the most comfortable but since there is generally no dancing I should be fine in them. Yes, indeedy they just may be the ticket.

I guess the last thing to consider is hair and make-up. I love, love, love make-up and wish I could wear the bright eyeshadows now in vogue but I also have mega allergies which means a lot of them would make my eyes puff out like marshmallows. I could take an antihistamine but then I couldn’t drink which, quite frankly, is part of the reason to go to these things. If you can’t take advantage of a free bar then you’re a pretty sad party goer if you ask me. Especially if you are as socially awkward as I am. Once I get through with the small talk I pretty much sit there like a bump on a log. Usually I excuse myself and go to the bathroom for an hour, hyperventilating. That’s where the booze comes in handy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get hammered, it is a company party and I can’t afford to embarrass myself in front of my boss but a couple or three shots of tequila and a gin/cranberry juice that I can nurse all night is usually all I need to loosen up a bit.

My hair is short so the choices are limited as to what to do with it. I thought of doing pin curls all over because I’m thinking I like this look. I really like drama and when my hair was long I used to do it in pin curls for special events. My hair is longish on top but short back and sides so this is kind of the look I want. Combine that with some kind of dramatic make-up and hopefully I should be able to look somewhat decent. I have to do something dramatic with my make-up since I wear glasses. Removing them is not an option unless I want to emerge from a cake the bad way. I really don’t think anyone would approve of me falling into the wine fountain and being a vegetarian means that I could make a very horrible mistake if I can’t see what is in the buffet. I would so do it like the one pictured top left if my lids didn’t droop and sag. When I was younger I would have worn my make-up like that in a heart beat, now there are things to consider.

It’s funny. When the invitations first went out I thought, “Crap, another uncomfortable evening spent doing what is expected of me. Good old company team player, that’s me.” But now I’m starting to look forward to it. I mean, I like the people I work with. I know they see me as less of a boss and more like an equal and, after all, this is really for the volunteers I supervise and not so much for me. It’s important for me to let them know that I support them and appreciate all the hard work they do for me. So, hopefully I will finish this damn sweater by the 19th, if not I’ll still have to finish it and then wear it grocery shopping because I’ll be damned if it will sit in the closet after all the math I’ve had to use calculating the adjustments that have to be made to get the fit I want. Let alone the sweat and sore wrists from speed knitting. Don’t know if I’m brave enough to post pictures once I get it all done but I’ll be sure to post about it unless, of course, it turns into an unmitigated disaster. Then I just might change my name and deny any knowledge of this whole incident.


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