Day 29 – I’m not crazy. I’ve been tested.

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I just want to take a couple of minutes to congratulate Linda Benne for being crowned North America’s fastest knitter yet again. For ten years now Linda has been holding the crown and it doesn’t look like she’s going to relinquish it any time soon. Linda is also the owner of Linda’s Craftique here in Mississauga. I have been to her store which is crammed full of all kinds of yarn and accessories (well, duh, it is a yarn store after all) a few times and each time she has been amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. My stash is jealous. Anyway, if you live in the neighbourhood please drop by and congratulate her on her accomplishment. It’s awe-inspiring to know that she can knit 253 stitches in 3 minutes. Interesting fact, if you look in the video at the way she holds her yarn it is exactly the same way I hold mine. I don’t hold my needles that way and I certainly don’t knit as fast as she does but it kind of blew my mind seeing it.

Today is Friday and it was supposed to be the day I hit the yarn store for a few balls of Noro Silk Garden to knit my daughter a pair of handwarmers, a hat and scarf with. I might make her a warm headband for the days when you don’t really need a hat but still want something to keep your ears warm. Haven’t decided about that yet. Anyway, what ended up happening is that I sat here waiting for a call back from the vet. My cat, Taang!, is having a few issues with his digestive tract and before I adjusted his meds I wanted confirmation from the doctor that is was all right to do so. I don’t want him back in the hospital. It’s way too expensive just before Christmas. So instead of buying yarn I decided to surf the web for some interesting projects.

Yes, yes I know what I said yesterday. I know I have fourteen thousand projects to finish before Christmas but look at this.


Isn’t it pretty? Guess what I did. I totally convinced myself to knit it and I totally convinced myself that I would have it finished in time for my staff Christmas party in nineteen days. And I convinced myself that while I’m working on it I will also be able to work on these other projects. You see, when I get tired, or sore, of knitting one project I can pick up one of the others as a change of pace. I’m pretty sure I can knit at least three things at a time. After all I usually have two or three books going at once. How different can it be. I figure if I pick a TV show for each project and only knit during that show I should be able to get most things done and the one’s I don’t aren’t worth worrying about. I hope…pretty sure that’s true…listen, denial is my only friend. If I didn’t have self-delusion nothing would get done around here.

The only wrench in the works is the sweater that I want to knit for my youngest daughter for her present at Christmas. A whole sweater takes a lot of time unless you are Linda Benne, then it would take a weekend, but I’m not her and I have limitations such as making sure the cat gets his meds on time, making sure the dog gets his walks, making sure there is food in the cupboards, making sure that the dust bunnies don’t get too out of hand, making sure I get some kind of sleep, and making sure I make it to work on time. Some of those things are important. So in light of all of that and the fact that it is a present, I’m going to have to make sure that it gets done. And without her knowing. So that means knitting when she is in bed. Which means I will have about two hours a night to work on it. And about 24 days to do it in. Which, once the dust settles, totals about 48 hours of work. So if I don’t sleep for two days, don’t eat, and don’t pee I have nothing to worry about. Totally doable. *ahem*

While I was searching for yarn the other day I came across a pattern for the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat. I had forgotten I had this pattern. I had knit it for my youngest daughter last year but it was too big for her so I frogged it and put it aside for reworking and then promptly forgot about it. This is a very interesting hat to knit and works up really quickly so I think I can probably give her this for Christmas with a promise of the sweater. And if I put the sweater on needles and get most of it done, it will shame me into finishing it. I hope. I have a sweater I knit three years ago in a bag still waiting to be blocked and sewn up and the button band/collar worked. I think I’ll finish it and give it to her for Christmas with the promise that I will knit her other sweater for New Years. Possibly.

That nice lacy sweater in the picture above looks simple enough. It’s done in one piece, my favourite kind of design, and the pattern is a pretty simple wave. It shouldn’t be too hard to remember. And it’s worsted weight knit on large needles so that is usually a fast knit. There is a crochet edge and I have a nice bit of silk yarn for that so I’ve pretty much got it all figured out. Except the dress that I’m wearing to the party is a dark teal and I can’t decide if I want to knit this sweater in cranberry or a dark teal yarn that almost matches the dress precisely. So do I go with matchy-matchy or with something a little more Christmasey. Or I might try seeing what it would be like in a fingering weight yarn. It would certainly be a much more open style and the edge would probably need something firm to keep it from distorting but I like the idea. I have some white Rowan kidsilk haze that would be very pretty done in this pattern. Maybe if I double up the kidsilk to give it a bit more body…Hmmm…I have four balls of the kidsilk which means I have 836m, the pattern calls for three balls of Vivaldi @ 280m each which means they want 840m. I think I can squeak by. They usually over-estimate yardage, don’t they? Sure they do.

Well, if the kidsilk doesn’t work out I do have other alternatives. I have a large quantity of Knit Picks Gloss that I can pick through. I know I have a cranberry colour and a green and a black but not sure how they will look with the dress. I guess I’ll have to try them and see. The other colours wouldn’t go really, they are mostly in blues that don’t work with the teal. Those ones I already tried with the dress when I was looking for yarn for something else. Look, I may have trouble making up my mind but once I know what I’m doing I do it. So this will get done. I hope.

The great thing about having kids is that you can get them to do things that you don’t have time for. I can get my kids to do all the baking that needs to get done, make dinners, walk the dog, vacuum, and just generally be a slave big help while I do all this knitting. And if I tell them it’s their Christmas present I’m working on they will leave me alone…for the most part. The cats on the other hand…but then all I have to do is shut the door. So with only 24 days left to plan, knit, bake, clean, wrap, buy, sort, block, stitch, freeze, cook…and I don’t even really celebrate Christmas. But I have friends and relatives who do and they are important to me so there are certain expectations that have to be met. So with a lot of love and just a tinge of panic I will be knitting my little heart out until I hear on the roof the prancing and pawing of each little hoof…

  1. Claire Duffy says:

    Goodness. I can knit three stitches in 253 minutes.

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