Day 1.7/14 – The Ice Storm Cometh. The Ice Storm Goeth

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Well, I have to say it’s been a while.  Christmas, life, cat-in-hospital, blah, blah blah…all the crap that happens.  And then there is the fact that I am a professional procrastinator…I wish there was some kind of job that paid me for procrastinating.  I would be one rich lay-about.

That was some ice storm a while back, eh?  Just before Christmas Mum Nature decided that there wasn’t enough excitement and so she unleashed a few centimetres (inches for those still not using metric) of freezing rain on us.  We were lucky and were only without power for about 25 hrs.  One of our friends was hydroless for 10 days.  They were lucky, though, and had a couple of fireplaces to keep the house warm.  We have a gas fireplace and so our house was never colder than 19.5C (67.1F).  It was still chilly enough that the cats and dog wanted to cuddle and I was glad to snuggle down into my feather bed but we couldn’t see our breath so that was a plus.

I really, really missed my tea though, and the thought of knitting was not entertained although it would have been appropriate but my fingers were stiff and I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up those thin sticks and try to twiddle yarn around them.  So progress on the unfinished project is still slow.  And to be honest I’ve been engrossed with reading again.  I used to read all the time, anything and everything, but since getting married and having kids and fighting depression (and winning) and this and that, reading has been sporadic at best and only engaged in books that I’ve read previously and know I would enjoy.  But now I’m reading other stuff and enjoying it immensely.

I bought my daughter The Knitters Book of Wool and The Knitters Book of Yarn for Christmas as she is getting very interested in the various types of sheep and their yarn.  She is really interested in Angora rabbits, though.  Me?  I love those wooly little Alpaca’s.  I think they look like stuffed animals and am trying to get her to consider a career with those critters.  She has other plans.  They always do.  Although she is planning on a life in agriculture and raising fiber animals.  Can you imagine?  I would have all the wool I could ever dream of.  It’s a knitters paradise.  I would have to renounce my long-held dream to live in Micronesia.

I’m going to read these two books once I’ve finished my current book. It will be interesting learning about the different wools that I fondle every time I’m in the yarn store. I’m a very tactile person so if a yarn feels right, it is right and I worry about all the other stuff later. That’s why my stash is so big. Other people collect jewelery and baubles and shoes and purses and gaudes. Me? I collect wool. Sheepy things that feel amazing and look pretty in their tight little bundles. I never buy yarn with a project in mind, well, I rarely do, yarn seems to find me and beg me to take it home. Sooner or later I will find something to do with it. And that my friends is why I still have a bundle of yarn that’s got to be 30yrs. old still waiting to be knit into something…anything. I feel too guilty to throw it out or give it away.

Periodically I go through my stash just to see if it’s still all there and to make sure the moths haven’t been munching away. I make promises to the yarn as I go through it, knowing too well that it likely won’t be kept. I tell it that I won’t buy anymore until I’ve knit up half of it but I can’t look it in the eye when I say those words because I know that the next time I go to the yarn store I will be coming home with a bag of shame. How I will put the bag in the cupboard, away from my horde, thinking that I will look through my magazines and books for a project and get to work on it right away. A couple of months later it will end up in the half empty box at the back of my stash cupboard. The other yarns will look at it sadly.

It’s not my fault if I’m a hoarder. Tell the manufacturers to stop making such tempting yarns. I mean, how am I to resist possum yarn? Tell me that! I mean, it’s so soft, it’s like rabbit fur. And what about yak? So warm. So exotic. And muskox? Then there’s silk and sea cell and cashmere and angora and linen and bamboo…Forget diamonds, just give me some yarn and I’ll be yours forever. In fact if you give me a skein of vicuna and I’ll be your slave for eternity. But I really would rather have a skein or two or three of qiviut (muskox). I don’t know if you’ve ever held it in your hand but it is exquisite. And it was an honest mistake. I didn’t realize I still had it in my hand when I walked out of the store. I swear.


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