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Day 21 – Cop-out

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’m really sorry but today I just don’t feel at all like posting but like a well-trained type-A personality I cannot in good conscience not post at all. I made the committment to NaBloPoMo to post everyday for a month and so not posting is not an option. And to be honest I’m not a type-A personality but I still made a committment and wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t live up to it.

But here’s the deal. My husband is out of work, we have enough money in the bank to last us a couple of months if we are careful, they cut back my hours where I work, I’m out looking for something to cover the difference, and then today Taang! ended up in the hospital. Taang! is one of our cats, by the way. So my stress level is extremely high right now. Oh, yeah, I only got 3 hours sleep last night, roughly, and two nights ago I got 4 both times due to Taang!

Taang! has chronic constipation but for the most part, and lots of water and Metamucil, it’s been under control. Then this past week he started having trouble going to the kitty litter. So we got a stool softener and it seemed to help. Then a couple of nights ago he seemed a little stopped up but he was still eating and acting like Taang! Then last night things got worse and this morning it was off to the vets. So now he’s on IV fluids while they give him enemas. He’s not blocked but just a little backed up. So now I’m facing a vet bill that is likely to be pretty hefty. And today the bills started to arrive. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Looking for a job right before Christmas sucks big time. Most seasonal jobs have already been filled and no one wants to think about the messy business of hiring staff while thinking about Christmas shopping or the parties that they will soon be attending or holding. Nevermind that all I’m looking for is the same kind of job about 1,000 other people are looking for, and most of those are much, much younger than me. Age is not supposed to count but it does. So both my husband and I are at a disadvantage on that count. But I’m sure something will come up and we will be ok. I’m a hopeless optimist even in the face of diversity.

But today the lack of sleep and the worry over a cat have got me down and I really don’t feel like trying to piece words together to make a cohesive sentence. I really just feel like wrapping myself in a blanket, sitting in a corner and rocking back and forth. It’s times like these when you need your mother to rub your back or head and tell you everything will be alright. But my mother passed over 30 yrs. ago. and having someone else do it just isn’t quite the same.

So I’m going sit here with a cup of hot tea, wrapped in a towel and watch YouTube videos. Speaking of which, have you seen these two by Christopher Walken? If you are a knitter you should like them.